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The Infinite Monkey Theorem confronts infinite gold and silver market manipulation

Chris Powell, Secretary/Treasurer, GATA
Wednesday, April 30th

Dear Friend of GATA and Gold:

GATA frequently writes to about two dozen journalists at mainstream financial news organizations about matters indicating manipulation of the monetary metals markets, alerting them to all new documentation and evidence we've discovered, so that none of those organizations can claim not to have known what was going on, only to have ignored it.

Of course seldom do we receive even an acknowledgment; the issue is simply a prohibited subject for mainstream financial journalism in the West. But GATA may be first to know when one of those journalists is on vacation or otherwise away from work for a prolonged time, as he'll set his e-mail account to "auto-respond" and we'll get an indirect acknowledgment that way.

Strangely, today one of those journalists included GATA in a request for comment on the Reuters report that the resignation of Deutsche Bank from the London gold and silver fixes would leave the gold fix with only four participants and the silver fix with only two:


Your secretary/treasurer provided such a comment, though he understood that he was more likely to win the grand prize in one of the national lotteries than to be quoted by that mainstream financial news organization complaining about gold and silver market manipulation. At GATA we go through the motions because it's our job, and because, just as the Infinite Monkey Theorem holds that an infinite number of monkeys given an infinite number of typewriters eventually will produce "King Lear" --


-- maybe an infinite number of submissions of the biggest financial news story of the last century to an infinite number of mainstream financial news organizations eventually will get the story published, if only through computer error or sabotage.

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