• Gold: 1,292.26 -1.41
  • Silver: 17.20 -0.07
  • Euro: 1.177 -0.002
  • USDX: 93.775 0.113
  • Oil: 56.42 -0.39

Live Silver

Bid|Ask 17.20 17.22
Low|High 17.11 17.27
Change -0.07  -0.39% 
Nov 20, 2017 08:34:35 EST
1 mo -0.0622 -0.36%
1 yr +0.6574 +3.97%
Low|High 14.16 18.65

Live Gold

Bid|Ask 1,292.30 1,292.39
Low|High 1,290.02 1,294.18
Change -1.37  -0.11% 
Nov 20, 2017 08:34:27 EST
1 mo +2.21 +0.17%
1 yr +84.77 +7.02%
Low|High 1,122.61 1,357.52

Gold-Silver Ratio

Bid|Ask 75.06 75.13
Low|High 74.83 75.38
Change 0.3943  0.53% 
Nov 20, 2017 08:34:28 EST
1 mo +0.3913 +0.52%
1 yr +2.2679 +3.12%
Low|High 67.33 84.85

Silver Edition


Clive Maund, November 19, 4:43 pm

At the same time that gold broke out of a coiling pattern to the upside on Friday, silver broke out of a Symmetrical Triangle pattern shown on its 6-month chart below. Volume was lacking on this breakout, however, and the same reservations that apply to the outlook for gold also apply to silver, namely that its COTs look more bearish then bullish, and that Hedgers positions in the dollar index are still calling for it to rally. On the other hand, gold proxy GLD did make a volume breakout on Friday, and what’s good for gold is usually good for silver.

SRSrocco, November 19, 1:16 pm

While physical silver investment demand experienced a pronounced decline this year, the volume is still much larger than the level prior to the 2008 U.S. Housing and Banking Crash. Investors frustrated by a silver market plagued with lousy sentiment and weak demand, may not realize that silver bar and coin demand is projected to be double what it was in 2007.

SilverCOTReport, November 17, 3:27 pm

COT Silver Report - November 17, 2017

Eric Sprott, November 17, 10:27 am

Eric Sprott returns this week to discuss gold, silver and the prospects for the mining shares into year end.

Craig Hemke, November 16, 2:44 pm

With total Comex silver open interest near the 200,000 contract level, we thought it would be enlightening to once again discuss the total volume of physical mine supply versus digital metal supply on this futures exchange.

SRSrocco, November 13, 11:31 pm

It has been a rough year for many primary silver miners as two-thirds have suffered declines in production. Also, many high ranking silver producing countries are also experiencing a pronounced reduction in their domestic silver mine supply. According to the data put out by World Metal Statistics, Chile’s silver production is down 20% in the first eight months of the year, while Australia is down 19%, Mexico declined 2% and Peru lower by 1%.

SilverCOTReport, November 13, 3:27 pm

COT Silver Report - November 13, 2017

Przemyslaw Radomski, CFA, November 13, 12:44 pm

Summing up, it seems that silver is going to decline significantly in the coming weeks and months, but we should not be surprised by an interim corrective upswing (possibly triggered by a reversal in the USD Index when the latter moves close to the 96 level). The awareness of a specific turning point in the first days of December is something that will become particularly important once we get closer to this date - it will be very useful in connection with the direction in which silver will move in the final part of November.

David Morgan, November 13, 9:25 am

The Morgan Report is all about YOU and how you can build and preserve Wealth for generations to come. We know it can sometimes seem a daunting task to protect your assets and preserve or grow your wealth. Over 15 years ago, a small group of us started The Morgan Report and formed an exclusive membership organization to promote personal freedom, an honest money system, free market wealth accumulation and asset protection.

Eric Sprott, November 10, 11:20 am

This week we're joined by Keith Neumeyer of First Majestic Silver for a discussion of silver supply, silver demand and the ongoing rally in commodities.

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