• Gold: 1,277.34 -0.66
  • Silver: 14.38 -0.05
  • Euro: 1.115 -0.001
  • USDX: 97.995 0.159
  • Oil: 62.74 -0.38

Live Silver

Bid|Ask 14.38 14.44
Low|High 14.37 14.55
Change -0.05  -0.35% 
May 17, 2019 17:00:00 EST
1 mo -0.61 -4.07%
1 yr -2.048 -12.47%
Low|High 13.89 17.31

Live Gold

Bid|Ask 1,277.34 1,277.74
Low|High 1,274.83 1,288.94
Change -0.66  -0.05% 
May 17, 2019 17:00:00 EST
1 mo +3.09 +0.24%
1 yr -12.21 -0.95%
Low|High 1,160.27 1,346.75

Gold-Silver Ratio

Bid|Ask 88.44 88.88
Low|High 88.37 89.02
Change 0.0412  0.05% 
May 17, 2019 17:00:00 EST
1 mo +3.4448 +4.05%
1 yr +9.9621 +12.69%
Low|High 75.18 88.51

Silver Edition


SilverCOTReport, May 17, 3:16 pm

COT Silver Report - May 17, 2019.

admin, May 10, 3:18 pm

COT Silver Report - May 10, 2019.

Chris Waltzek, GoldSeek Radio, May 9, 10:11 am

The world's appetite for US' debt has peaked a few years ago. It is De-Dollarization..

Craig Hemke, May 8, 9:13 am

If you can learn anything from this unfortunate bit of British history, it's this: Western governments will stop at nothing to support and enable The Bullion Banks as they endeavor to maintain control of price through the current "LBMA/COMEX Gold Pool". Brown's decision to liquidate over half of his country's gold reserves at the price lows twenty years ago simply underscores this unfortunate fact. This month also brings the eighth anniversary of the May Day Massacre. This event, which occurred on May 1, 2011, saw the price of COMEX silver fall over $6 in a matter of minutes during the usually-quiet Sunday evening (U.S.) Globex trade. It looked like this on a chart printed that evening: And now, given some recent public disclosure by former CFTC commissioner Bart Chilton, it's quite simple to connect the dots and lay responsibility for this event at the feet of JP Morgan.

SilverCOTReport, May 3, 3:17 pm

COT Silver Report - May 3, 2019.

Theodore Butler, May 2, 10:49 am

The news that Bart Chilton, the former commissioner of the CFTC, suddenly passed away was truly sad but also shocking, so much so that some were given to fabricating conspiracy-type explanations. Chilton certainly had a larger than life persona and many came to appreciate his colorful pronouncements, enthusiasm and willingness to respond to just about everyone who contacted him – qualities quite rare in a regulator. I learned this first-hand very early on when I started communicating with Chilton shortly after he became commissioner in 2007, as I recounted not even a month ago in reaction to his last known interview, with Chris Marcus from Arcadia Economics – I stated in the first sentence of that article that Chilton’s interview nearly knocked me off my feet, but I didn’t fully explain why that was so, which I’d like to rectify today. Yes, I found the interview shocking because Chilton seemed to confirm much of what I had contended for more than a decade, but it was much more than that. I was confounded because I couldn’t quite fathom what prompted Chilton to “spill the beans” about the inner workings at the agency regarding JPMorgan’s manipulation of silver after so many years. After all, there was never any acknowledgement from the “inside” that the Commission was quite close to cracking down on JPMorgan – Chilton’s clear admission of this in his interview was the first ever. And perhaps the last.

SRSrocco, May 1, 10:52 am

In just a little more than a week after the mighty Newmont-Goldcorp merger was finalized, the company suspended operations of its largest gold-silver mine in Mexico. The Penasquito Mine, which produced more than a 500,000 ounces of gold and 25 million ounces of silver in a single year, has been dealing with a blockade of its operations since March 27th. The blockade was started due to issues with the local community in regards to water supply concerns and problems with a trucking contractor. However, the protests by the local community over water rights have been going on ever since the Penasquito Mine started operations in 2010.

Stefan Gleason, May 1, 10:48 am

Commercial hedgers and bullion banks (i.e., “smart money”) in the silver futures market have significantly trimmed their short positions over the past couple weeks – a bullish development. While their net positioning isn’t yet at an extreme, it is more favorable than not for a price rally to commence in the near future. Of course, neither futures traders nor chart patterns are 100% reliable. Nor do they have any particular implications for where prices may be headed years from now.

Chris Powell, April 29, 6:07 am

While the former member of the U.S. Commodity Futures Trading Commission, Bart Chilton, disappointed some monetary metals investors, he was a hero to GATA for several reasons. First, he forced the commission to take public testimony from GATA Chairman Bill Murphy and GATA Director Adrian Douglas at the commission's much-publicized hearing on the monetary metals markets in March 2010. This brought national attention to our issue. Second, he repeatedly gave credence in public to complaints of manipulation of the gold and silver markets. Third, he conscientiously answered mail from ordinary investors and others...

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